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NEW FEATURES | Subscription based fundraising campaigns & Secure payment links.

App Version 1.4.3 is now live and available to download from the iOS App Store (Apple) and the Google PlayStore (Google).

As well as the general fundraising campaigns that allow your community to donate towards a set goal, your club can now set up specific Fundraising Campaigns where your community can sign up a direct debit each to donate to your club each month. The amount and monthly term is set by you, the club.

Once a fundraising campaign is set up, clubs can now get access a unique public URL link to share with their community. Once the link is clicked it brings the user straight into the payment page on the app.

This feature is has been in development for the last 3 months following requests by many clubs for this capability. We listened, We Delivered!


If your club is interested in signing up please email us at

If you club is already signed up and would like assistance in setting the above campaigns please email us at


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