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iClubs For
Your Club.

The new app to help your club make more income, keep your fans and community up to date with all your news, provide real-time live scores of all your club home games, sell online advertising space on the app to your local sponsors.


100% free for your club!

1. Activate Your Club Profile

Register for free to activate your club profile in 5 minutes. The quick and easy process is hassle-free so you and your club can begin using the app in minutes.

2. Post Your Club News

Just like social media, post all of your club updates and news on iClubs. You can also post real-time live scores of all your club home games to your fans as they happen.

3. Sell Advertising Space

Here's the best part, your club can sell advertising space on the app to your current and new sponsors, giving them better than ever exposure and value. Most importantly, giving you, the club, more income to help grow and develop your club.

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Image by Peter Glaser

The new way to generate income for your club.

Make more income for your club and provide better than ever value back to your club sponsors. Your club can sell as many advertising spaces on the app as you like and for whatever amount that you decide. It really is that easy and here is the only place you can do it!

More sponsors for your club.

Sell Sponsorship

Unique to iClubs, your club can sell advertising space to your local businesses and sponsors as way of generating further income for your club growth and development.

More Value

By doing this, you are providing far more value back to your sponsors compared with traditional methods, eg. printed boards on pitch perimeter, etc. All ads are fully interactive so sponsors can link the ad to their website and social media profiles.

More Revenue

Due to providing more value to your sponsors, your club makes more revenue as businesses prefer to see a stronger return on their investment and are most likely to continue advertising with your club on iClubs year after year.



Run fundraising campaigns online for better impact and return.

Every club has a wish list, so fund for those new floodlights, all-weather pitch, club house extension or even a new indoor all-weather pitch. Every club is different and iClubs caters for all of them.

Accept Payments

Receive payments quickly and securely online.

Gather online payments from anywhere in the world directly into your club bank account. Accept payments via card for any fundraising campaigns and annual club memberships.

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Sell Membership

Manage all club membership in the iClubs dashboard

Set up memberships, gather all payments and manage all renewals through one system.

Live Scores

Provide real-time live score updates, fixtures & results of all your club home games.

The only platform available that allows your club to post live scores and game incidents as they happen real-time to your club fans and local community.

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The iClubs concept was born in 2021 during the pandemic and off-season when it became evident that clubs needed a new way to generate income and fundraise. 

It took us almost 18 months of brainstorming, ideas, market research and app development to finally have a service to aid and help clubs.


Our core ethos through the entire process was to put as much revenue into the pockets of every club in the country as possible which is why we don't charge clubs for using our app, we like to keep things simple, so it's 100% free to register with no monthly subscription or hidden fee's, free is free!

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